Nashville Snuggie Pub Crawl

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Other Snuggie Pub Crawl Cities

Nashville Location #1 - 3rd&Lindsley Bar and Grill
- 813 3rd Avenue South, Nashville, TN
Music was provided by Grooveyard featuring John Cowan, Reese Wynans, and Pat Buchanan.

Nashville Snuggie Pub Crawl Location #2 - Past Perfect - 122 3rd Ave. S, Nashville

Nashville Location #3 - Broadway Brewhouse - 317 Broadway, Nashville, TN

Nashville Location #4 - Bailey's Pub & Grille - 408 Broadway, Nashville, TN

cool people in Snuggies
Laura, Ana, and Justin.

Two of Nashville's finest experiencing the Snuggie. Can we reveal your identities, coolest cops in Nashville? Do not want to get you in trouble :)

Snuggie Ladies
Have you EVER seen anyone frown in a Snuggie?

Justin and the King


Justin and Kyle
Justin & Kyle

snuggie gang signs
Snuggie Gang Signs

Half-headed guy and Kyle.

Fro Snuggies!

Jason & Christa
Christa with booklight. Jason afflicted with Snuggie Restless Arm Syndrome


snuggie pool
Snuggie Pool.

Ali, the Snuggie Bartender


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